Beings from Black Hole country are cheaters from the day they have born.

They were cheating, are cheating and will be cheating.

Double check what you want to buy and then NEVER deal with them.

WARNING for others who are ordering ANY goods via the Internet from strange sources

Example of letter with fictitious goods you can be interested in

Practises used by cheaters

Common sympthoms for such faked businesses

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Predicted future or what you do is what get

Have you been cheated? Are you a victim? Your ACTIVE response is required here

WARNING for those who want to order goods in good price from untutored sources

If you are going to buy anything via the Internet, make sure you are doing so from trustful source. Firstly I have heard about Nigeria cheaters long time ago. Anything related to this country is for me the "STOP" sign. This page might help you to recognize the "STOP" sign and hopefully save you your money. You will learn here how they are catching buyers, what tools they use, how they communicate and what should warn you, that you have been caught by them. Unfortunately, I cannot list all clues here as this can be used by the stupidos. Remember, the Internet is danger tool, but a strong not only for 'em, but as well for you!!!

Example of the original note from the cheaters where they offer fictitious goods

For Sale HTC Touch Cruise $320.00


Tel: +44 7031948834 Tel: +44 7031947993

We are United Kingdom based mobile phones wholesaler.We sell to distributors and end users at a

reasonable prices.All Brand New unlocked/SIM-free,comes with complete accessories in original retail box,

With international warranty from the manufacturer.Discounts available for orders of 5 units or more.

Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism $300.00
Nokia 7900 Prism $260.00
Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte $300.00
Nokia 8600 Luna $200.00
Nokia 5710 $230.00
Nokia 5700 $150.00
Nokia 6070 $110.00
Nokia 6080 $110.00
Nokia 6131 $100.90
Nokia 6151 $120.00
Nokia 6230i$120.00
Nokia 8800D Gold $350.00
Nokia 8800 Sirocco $300.00
Nokia 9500 $210.00
Nokia E61i $200.00
Nokia E65 $210.00
Nokia E90 $300.00
Nokia N70 $140.00
Nokia N70 Black Music Edition $170.00
Nokia N72 Plum $160.00
Nokia N73 $190.00
Nokia N76 Black & Red $190.00
Nokia N80 IE Edition $170.00
Nokia N91 8GB Music Edition $180.00
NOKIA N93i $200.00
Nokia N95 $250.00
Nokia N95 8GB $300.00

Motorola ROKR E8 $190.00
Motorola RIZR Z8 $150.00
Motorola RAZR2 V8 $170.00
Motorola RIZR Z10 $200.00
Motorola A1200 $200.00
Motorola A728 $160.00
Motorola A732 $150.00
Motorola A910 $140.00
Motorola E1070 $150.00
Motorola E770 $140.00.00
Motorola E895 $135.00
Motorola RAZR maxx $150.00
Motorola Q q9 $200.00
Motorola Q $170.00
Motorola KRZR K3 $180.00
Motorola Sidekick Slide $190.00
Motorola W360 $180.00
Motorola W270 $175.00
Motorola W220 $160.00
Motorola W230 $210.00
Motorola W218 $155.00
Motorola W215 $140.00
Motorola W213 $170.00
Motorola W209 $165.00
Motorola W375 $140.00
Motorola W377 $160.00
Motorola W380 $140.00
Motorola W395 $155.00
Motorola W490 $190.00
Motorola W510 $170.00
Motorola W160 $180.00
Motorola W180 $180.00
Motorola W205 $150.00
Motorola W208 $140.00
Motorola SLVR L9 $150.00

Samsung Armani $250.00
Samsung C450 $230.00
Samsung E230 $220.00
Samsung E250 $160.00
Samsung D880 Duos $190.00
Samsung E840 $170.00
Samsung E898 $150.00
Samsung F300 $180.00
Samsung F250 $190.00
Samsung E830 $150.00
Samsung E890 $160.00
Samsung i400 $160.00
Samsung i617 $170.00
Samsung i607 BlackJack $140.00
Samsung i600 $140.00
Samsung i560 $190.00
Samsung i550 $190.00
Samsung i780 $200.00
Samsung J600 $150.00
Samsung L600 $160.00
Samsung P310 $140.00
Samsung P930 $145.00
Samsung U600 $180.00
Samsung U300 $150.00
Samsung Z630 $160.00
Samsung T739 Katalyst $200.00

Sony Ericsson V640 $210.00
Sony Ericsson P1 $250.00
Sony Ericsson Z710 $120.00
Sony Ericsson S500 $130.00
Sony Ericsson K550 $165.00
Sony Ericsson K850 $200.00
Sony Ericsson K770 $200.00
Sony Ericsson K660 $200.00
Sony Ericsson K618 $150.00
Sony Ericsson K550im $170.00
Sony Ericsson K220 $180.00
Sony Ericsson J120 $130.00
Sony Ericsson W200 $160.00
Sony Ericsson W380 $220.00
Sony Ericsson W960 $200.00
Sony Ericsson W910 $210.00
Sony Ericsson W888 $180.00
Sony Ericsson W850 $120.00
Sony Ericsson W760 $270.00
Sony Ericsson W660 $200.00
Sony Ericsson W610 $190.00
Sony Ericsson W580 $180.00
Sony Ericsson W350 $260.00
Sony Ericsson T650 $180.00
Sony Ericsson T270 $250.00
Sony Ericsson T280 $260.00
Sony Ericsson R306 Radio $300.00
Sony Ericsson R300 Radio $280.00
Sony Ericsson Z555 $270.00

Apple iphone 8GB $250.00
Apple iphone 4GB $200.00
Playstation 3 60GB $300.00

Palm Treo 180 $120.00
Palm Treo 270 $150.00
Palm Treo 500v $230.00
Palm Treo 600 $160.00
Palm Treo 650 $200.00
Palm Treo 680 $180.00
Palm Treo 750 $200.00
Palm Treo 750v $190.00

i-mate Ultimate 8502 $320.00
i-mate Ultimate 9502 $370.00
i-mate Ultimate 9150 $350.00
i-mate Ultimate 8150 $320.00
i-mate Ultimate 7150 $310.00
i-mate Ultimate 6150 $300.00
i-mate Ultimate 5150 $280.00
i-mate JAMA 101 $300.00
i-mate JAMA $280.00
i-mate JASJAM $250.00
i-mate JAM Black $245.00
i-mate JAMin $230.00
i-mate JAMA 201 $300.00

HTC Touch Cruise $320.00
HTC Touch Dual $280.00
HTC P6500 $300.00
HTC P6300 $290.00
HTC TyTN II $300.00
HTC P3600i $285.00
HTC P4350 $250.00
HTC P3350 $290.00
HTC P3400 $280.00

Asus P550 $300.00
Asus P750 $290.00
Asus P527 $290.00
Asus J501 $250.00
Asus P735 $260.00
Asus V88i $270.00
Asus J502 $245.00
Asus P535 $230.00
Asus P526 $245.00

Eten glofiish X650 $350.00
Eten glofiish M800 $300.00
Eten glofiish X600 $270.00
Eten glofiish X500+ $260.00
Eten glofiish X800 $240.00
Eten glofiish M700 $210.00
Eten glofiish X500 $210.00

HP iPAQ 910c $340.00
HP iPAQ 610c $270.00
HP iPAQ 514 $220.00
HP iPAQ rw6815 $210.00
HP iPAQ rw6828 $200.00
HP iPAQ rw6818 $210.00

Toshiba G910 $350.00
Toshiba G920 $350.00
Toshiba G710 $280.00
Toshiba G500 $220.00
Toshiba G900 $240.00
Toshiba G450 $200.00
Toshiba TS605 $180.00
Toshiba 904T $150.00

LG KU990 Viewty $280.00
LG KE850 Prada $220.00
LG KE770 Shine $190.00
LG CU720 Shine $200.00
LG Shine $180.00
LG KG195 $195.00
LG CG180 $200.00
LG KS20 $250.00
LG KG280 $220.00
LG KG275 $190.00
LG U960 $200.00
LG KU950 $190.00
LG KU800 $150.00

O2 XDA Stellar $340.00
O2 XDA Stealth $250.00
O2 XDA Trion $230.00
O2 XDA Terra $250.00
O2 XDA Zinc $220.00
O2 XDA Star $240.00
O2 XDA Orbit II $300.00
O2 XDA Orbit $260.00
O2 XDA Nova $270.00
O2 XDA Graphite $200.00
O2 XDA Flame $250.00
O2 XDA Exec $230.00
O2 XDA Comet $260.00
O2 XDA Atom Life$240.00
O2 XDA Atom $255.00
O2 XDA Argon $260.00

Your order will be delivered to your Door Step,through a reputable courier Service.(FedEx/UPS/DHL).Mail

us with your order details , shipping address and contact phone number to enable us process your

order for shipping.Discounts available for orders of 5 units or more.




Roy Williams
Sales Department.

Kontakt :


Practises used by cheaters

Fake sellers are placing offers on every place, every page where it is possible, even in forum pages.
They use interesting (but FAKE) company name related to the goods they are selling like PHONECITYTELECOMMUNICATIONS UK, Mobile 2K Ltd, MOBILE 2K LIMITED, Tronics Worldwide LTD, Topclass Telecom Ltd, CELCOMS LTD, Electronics Gadget World, ROBERT TELECOMMUNICATION PLC, SAHEEDPHONES etc.

Here are few emails of fakesellers:
rkrbmobilephonestore 896@gmail.com
and more and more...

You can call to the specified phone number and it will be answered! Yes, they go so far!
The sales person specified on the offer can be one of these, but tommorow it can be someone else: Roy Williams, Micheal David, Kimberly James, Andrew Jacob, Andrew Smith, Olumide Sanyaolu, Femi Smith, Maliki John, Ramiro Seguro, John Platt, Rosick Romane, Dave Peters, Mrs. Hilda Wolex, Solomon Bertson, Femi Smith, Saheed Razi.
You will place an order of minimum quantity and everything looks fine. Then you are emailed bank details for payment (Hopefully no one else will come to this stage). Then appears some problem. Usually the minimum order quantity is insufficient and you will need to order some more pieces and will be offered bonuses as an compensation. After this you are going to receive a tracking number for your shipment. Unfortunatelly, the shipment will not be send via Fedex / UPS / DHL, as it is too expensive, but via strange trasportation company. They give you tracking number and the web page where to verify it like www.dynamicairpost.com or newly on www.pargofly.com. Few days ago it was Dynamic Air Post, now it is PargoFly and tommorow will be anything else. Again yes, they go so far! As you have paid so much money till now and are awaiting your goods, you will receive another phonecall. Your goods has been shipped and there is only little payment necessary from your side for the VAT, TAX and shipping fees. Whne you count it the last payment can be 20% or more of your total order amount.
Other bad references:

How consumer should report such a fraud business

Common sympthoms for such faked businesses

1. You have probably found the goods you are interested in third party pages and not directly on the company web pages.
2. The offer is replicated many times on different web pages.
3. The offer can contain goods that has not been yet introduced on the market.
4. The company name is FAKE or belongs to company that has been cancelled, unused or not yet established.
5. The salesman name is FAMOUS, a football player, a guitarist...
6. The fake company email is like hotmail, yahoo, gmail.
7. They call you back usually from hidden number.
8. You will mostly speak to one person only.
9. The sales person will call you even out of working time, on Saturday, or you can hear background voice like child.
10. Minimum order quantity has not been approved by boss and has been doubled.
11. You will be offered unbelievable bonusses, like 2 or 4 extra phones.
12. The payment might be required to a local bank, like BARCLAYS. Don't send anything! 13. Further payments might be required via WESTERN UNION bank or directly to LAGOS, NIGERIA.
14. Transportation company is unknown like DYNAMICAIRPOST or PARGOFLY.

Has this information helped you? Saved money? Fancy to play with bastards?

Has this webpage saved you at least some money? Then I am happy:-)

Fancy to play with bastards?

1. Ask police to deliver flowers to the one of many cheater's address OJIMBA MICHEAL, 12 ADEBAYO STREET, 234 01 LAGOS, NIGERIA
2. Register cheater emails to infomails, services, weather web, advertisement, so they inbox is full of a garbige.
3. Make fake payments and advices (use parking bill, any ticket, any document from post office) and add the receiver address.
4. Try to speak with a seller as many days as you can to increase their phone bills (I manage 10 days and reduce their income by 40%)
5. If you are good, you will be provided tracking number and can be the one who initiate FAKE transportation company cancelation.
6. Find at least one advertisment and comment it with following to let know others about cheaters. I did it on many many pages, boards, discussions, everyvere where was a clue. Copy this:

See this before you buy!

Predicted future or what you do is what get

Do not try to discuss with this beings as it has no sense. You can tell them that their mother is b...., but they will answer you with email request to check your last payment or use different bank for sending the shipping fees.

And what they expect in future?
This country might be nice, but who should care if these beings don't. As everybody is cheating there the rest of world will turn away from them. There is going to be no business, no production plants, no shops, no economic growth, no investments, no nothing. Once they go to baker's shop to buy a old concave bread, meanwhile somebody is stealing the bike infront of shop. From the money they have steal they would pay for a fridge, that would be never delivered, would sign a contract for a flat and this flat would be already sold to somebody else. Would go to neighbour for a visit and while watching there anything to steal their host serve them a cup of tea with sleeping pills and the thief would be robbed. There gonna to be a day, when they lay in a hospital with a trite illness and their heart will stop to beat due to fault on the health appliance supplied from a chaeter like them.
And their children will whisper "...why you were so stupid? Why you didn't really work? This is not a world we want to live on...

... add more, especially about other transport company webpage URL here, warn others, don't stay passive!

Saved lifes: